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 What we do 

Stop transmission of leprosy

  • Continuation of support to early detection and disease control activities. Training and supervision of Provincial and district supervisors will remain a focus area of NLR. Besides, training of health volunteers and Self Care Groups is also essential for the early detection and control of leprosy.


  • Active cross-cutting NTD work. Through a combined project on leprosy and LF, NLR expands its approach in terms of impact, experience, number of persons to be reached. NLR plans to become a relevant player in the NTD world through its work on LF and leprosy.


Prevent disabilities

  • Improve access to services for persons affected by leprosy, LF and persons with disabilities

Stakeholders, including disabled peoples’ organisations, cooperate to ensure that people with disabilities have access to assistive devices and physical therapy services.


Break barriers to inclusion

  • With active roles for SCGs, community heath extension workers and volunteers, NLR supports inclusive development for people with a disability through socio-economic activities.


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