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KPP3 Task Force meeting in Ciberon - Indonesia

NLR Mozambique and ADEMO Monapo representatives participated from 11 to 16 December 2017 in KPP3 Task Force meeting in Ciberon, Indonesia. The objectives of the meeting were: to learn and prepare the tools for Disability Friendly Community baseline survey and monitoring and develop planning activities for 2018.


 The establishment of Disability Friendly Village is an NLR initiative integrated into the component “Disability Inclusion Development”. The aim of the project is to integrate persons with disability into that they take an active part in society, benefit from development and leading a normal life. The basic idea is that a village, which is friendly to persons with disability, is obviously friendly to all. In the disability friendly model villages, communities, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders become responsible and accountable towards fulfilling the rights of persons with disabilities as provisioned in laws, policies and programs. In the workshop participants learned, tested and discussed different tools and methodologies for implementation of baseline survey on disability in Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mozambique.


In coordination with Ministry of Gender Child and Social Action, NLR Mozambique in partnership with ADEMO Monapo and FAMOD Niassa is planning to establish in 2018 Disability Friendly Villages in Namitatar (Mossuril district) and Nipapa (Mecanhelas district), in Nampula and Niassa provinces, respectively. The Friendly villages in Namitatar and Mecanhelas will become models for integration of people with disabilities where their needs and priorities are met through adequate, tailor made and inclusive services. The project includes influencing government to gradually mainstreaming the needs and priorities of people with disabilities in their local planning and budgeting.

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