Anifa Nawepa is 59 years old and she lives in Sanhote Village, Monapo District in Nampula. She is widow and has two older sons. Member of Sanhote SHG, she tells us her story.

I didn’t know what I had. I knew about leprosy in 2014 when i was invited by the community volunteer (the current facilitator of the group, Paulo Chico) to participate in sensitization meeting held in my village. After the session, Mr. Chico called me to join other participants who were suspected.

“I am a person with physical disability. I have amputations in hands and feet, including claws due to leprosy; The appearance of my body was not pleasant. I had stains that looked like burn. In my neighborhood many people including my family members laughed at me and despised me because I had deformities, abnormal face and totally changed as well as skin patches almost everybody.”

The nurse did all the examinations and he said i have leprosy. He immediately gave me medicine and explained how to proceed. I followed all the rules and after one year taking drugs, the nurse informed that I was cured and I do not need to take more medicines. I am no longer taking medicines, if not when I have malaria, diarrhea or other diseases.

My role is to mobilize them and invite the nurse to do the diagnosis. “In fact, we have many people who has the same situation and they suffer discrimination even within their houses”, said Abdala Boina, the local leader.

In 2018, the SHG where I am member received training in small business management by ADEMO. I participated in the training and I have chosen the cell recharge cards. “I am very happy with my business. After opening the savings box, I checked that I was able to save at least 1,750.00 meticais. I could not believe that the group would be very supportive to people like me. This business helps me a lot”.

Members report improvement of their lives with saving schemes, as Anifa says. “Part of the money I saved I added to increase my business, starting to sell cooking oil and refills.  The other portion, I bought grass and plastic to renovate my house because there was a lot of water when it rained.” In future, I think of building a new house, strong and with good roof. She finalizes.



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