This is Milton Jose Antao, General Medicine Technitian, 27 years old. He is married and lives with his wife in Namanda Village, District of Ile in Zambézia.

I knew about SkinApp In a training organized by NLR Project Officer and the Provicial Leprosy supervisor, in 2019. They installed the app in my cell phone.

“Before the skinapp installation my work was quite challenging. I had limitations in diagnose or differ certain dermatologic diseases. This was contributing negativelly in providing correct treatment to the patients.”

Milton refers that the use of this app has an added value for them as technitian, whom attend patientes with different pathologies pathologies, particularly skin diseases. “With the app, use we diagnosed correctly and prescribed the correct medication, and this creates a domain in the management of dermatitis.”

The training on SkinApp helped a lot in improving my work as  it also helps me in the consultation of dermatitis that go beyond my capacity and gives me immediate response including the leprosy, tells Milton.

District supervisores also receive real time support by NLR staff and other health tecnitians. For that, they had been trained in the use of sillo, an auxiliary app for personal and direct advise and support in case clinical doubts.

I as A Clinician, my desire is for all health professionals who serve patients in consultations to be trained and dominate the use of this application because it will improve the treatment and follow-up of those diseases that have created limitations in our work or in our sanitary unit. I thank the NLR who in partnership with DPS shared this knowledge that i did not have. Thank you very much. Said Milton.


Who shares the same ideia is Margarida Paulo Ferreira, nurse of Maternal-Infant Health and Director of the Health Center of Namanda. “Before before training I treated pregnant women who presented skin problems uselessly and the situation did not improve, which contributed to the constant learnment of people with same problems in my consultations”.

“This app has improved trust among the technics of this sanitary unit and the community. Before we had to call the Chief District Medico to conduct, or even restrain the patient to another toilet unit and that in turn the patient could not move there due to the distances between this sanitary unit and the other.”

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