Adelaide Phentia, is a widow of 55 years old and lives in Monapo village, in Nampula. She is a member of the Age-Nur self-care group for 4 years. She is a leprosy affected person who has already cured, and she still practices self-care in the group, which is assisted by ADEMO, a CBR expert DPO supported by NLR on DID implementation. Adelaide shares with us how her life is and how she is preventing from COVID-19 infection.

After the treatment in 2018, I was trained by ADEMO in small businedd management and I now implement income generating activity, selling cereals at the local market. I received information about corona virus through the leader of our group. We were taught about the disease also through community radio, where we heard ADEMO members participating there. As I heard, “this disease is very dangerous and the person gets it very easily if he does not have hygiene care, if he stays or attends places of many people, if he does not wash hands with sop and/or detergent... are many things that we should avoid, including shaking each other a hand”.  In the group, as we were warned of exchanging objects and receiving non sanitized things, I stopped by business. I'm not yet sure about the symptoms of the diseases, but I hear you cough, get a cold, headache, bad breathing, tiredness. I want to prevent the disease, I take some measures “first I can no longer go to the self-care/help group, to avoid meeting many people; I interrupted my business for the same reason; I use a protective mask made of a piece of cloth; I do my hygiene care, wash my hands and feet many times a day, because I have a deformation and sores on my feet due to leprosy; I no longer go to church and I avoid moving too much”.

“I continue to practice self-care at home and one of the members of ADEMO provides home care twice a week. With the information I received, I advise other family members and neighbors to be very careful, because the disease is very dangerous and is not only for us.”


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