This is Gonçalves Armando, 45 years old. He lives in Ambrósio village, Namanda locality, in Ile District- Zambézia with his family (wife and five children) and he tells us how is accessing leprosy drugs during this COVID-19 time.

I realized that I had skin spots three years I go. After participation in a community sensitization meeting, I joined a screening session and I was identified as a suspected case by the community volunteer. Then, the nurse confirmed that I am a leprosy affected person. Now I am in the 6th month of treatment and I joined to the Nnóweherani Yenhu self-care group where I have regular assistance and advise. We got information about the corona virus and the prevention measures through the local community radio and also by our local leader. Then, we were informed that we could not meet at the group until new orientation. Before the corona virus outbreak, I used to lift my medication at the self-care group.

I was worried when I saw that the medicine was running out in a situation where all group meetings were suspended and did not even have a mask that I would use to go to the health unit. Today, the health technician came to my house accompanied by the volunteer who left these three wallets to ensure that I have medicines to take for three months. He also offered me this mask that saying that was supported by NLR.  It will help me get out if necessary.”

I am very grateful for this gesture and I would like the same for all people who are in treatment since we cannot go out on the streets without a mask. Thank you very much.



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