My name Elicete Miqueias, 28 years old, student at grade 7. I Live in Maua District, Niassa and I am a member of Muandece self-care group. I was diagnosed leprosy two years ago. I received and finished treatment. After school, I go to farm where we produce cassava and lentils for our family consumption. Our group has also a communal land.

I receive information about corona virus through the local leader and also at school. Because of this situation, the lessons were stopped and all students were recommended to stay home as a way to avoid the get the infection. Our church is also closed.

Our group facilitator and community activists they also sensitized villagers about the disease and how to prevent. Thus, we are no longer meeting in our group as we were taught that is very easy and fast to get infected by the virus. We practice the hygiene such as regular hand wash and not hand shaking. We also use the face mask when we go out and also in crowded places.

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